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Are Your Documents Prepared For A Disaster?

Living in California, we are all too familiar with the havoc a natural disaster can cause.  And while we all now have our earthquake preparedness kits in our trunks, under our desks, and in our homes, how many of you keep a document disaster kit?

Your document disaster kit should be in a plastic box and easy to carry. 

Your document disaster kit should include the following:


  •   List of important telephone numbers (family members, friends, clients, etc.).

  •   List of doctors, addresses and telephone numbers.

  •   List of current medications.

  •   List of financial institutions, addresses, telephone numbers and account numbers.

  •   List of credit card companies, addresses, telephone numbers and account numbers.

  •   List of home improvements, dates and the cost.

  •   Copies of Social Security cards, birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.

  •   Copies of driver’s licenses, car titles and registrations.

  •   Copies of the past three (3) years of personal and business tax returns.

  •   Copy of deed to your home, deeds of trust against your home and related promissory notes.

  •   Copies of all insurance policies.

  •   Photos (undeveloped is ok until the disaster hits) and/or a videotape of the inside and outside your home and your business.  You may want to include negatives of family photo.

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