There are several steps involved in the brand development, building and protection process and as experienced business attorneys, we understand the importance of each of these steps. With a client base ranging from start-ups to well established brands, we have the ability to provide a strategic foundation that will allow a solid launch of a new brand or in the alternative, work backwards into an existing brand to provide the essential ongoing brand strategy and protections. Our brand protection services included evising, structuring and implementing intellectual property protection programs to address anti-piracy, anti-counterfeiting and anti-cybers quatting both domestically and internationally.


In providing our brand building and protection services, we understand that for any successful brand, legal and practical balances are necessary. Our strengths lay in the fact that we are business attorneys and as such, we understand not only the importance of the legal aspects in building and protecting a brand but we have the ability to identify and take into consideration the practical aspects of branding as well.


We appreciate that every company is different and needs a unique brand development, building and protection strategy to be successful. You capture the vision and we will assist you in strategically building and protecting your valuable brand equity.