Verdict of $1,800,000 including $600,000 in punitive damages in Real Estate Fraud

Two brothers inherited real estate from their father. Included in that real estate was an income producing commercial property. It was agreed that one of the brothers would handle the accounting associated with the commercial property...

Investor Fraud

Case Settled at Mediation. The law firm settled for virtually the entire amount of the pension losses. The client has since retired...

Real Estate Agent Negligence

The title company to pay for the purchase of the adjacent land so that our client owned his entire backyard and the real estate agents paid a settlement of $250,000...

Real Estate Contamination

Case settled for the entire amount of the damages suffered by our client in excess of $300,000...

Pizza Restaurant Chain Investors

$1,600,000 judgment, including punitive damages, and our clients now own the disputed restaurant...

Victim of Sexual Harassment

Settled at mediation for $300,000...

Mother Sues Son

Ultimately, she agreed to settle by letting her son have everything...

Successful Appeal of Unlawful Detainer

Our client maintained the lease agreement, saved his business, and the reversal at the Court of Appeals helped him save hundreds of thousands of dollars...

Fighting Brothers

We pushed for a third brother to help us resolve the dispute. One year later, the business is now generating even more revenue than before the lawsuit...

Escrow Company Negligence

Each defendant contributed to a settlement worth in excess of $650,000...

Foreclosure Fraud

The defendants agreed to pay in excess of $250,000 to avoid trial...

Reversal of Large Judgment

Our Motion to Vacate the Judgment was granted based upon a unique argument made by us that our client's former attorney had abandoned his case...

Successful Prosecution of Case Against Bank

A settlement of $300,000, virtually the entire amount demanded by our client...

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