Tips on Marketing Your Business

  1. A woman owned and controlled business, you can obtain National Certification from the National Woman Business Owners Corporation (“NWBOC”)?  Certification can result in a marketing opportunity for your business to develop supplier relationships with larger companies and the public sector.  Certification also enables contractors to identify, quantify and report the extent to which they utilize woman owned and controlled businesses as suppliers.  For information regarding the Certification Process or the Application, please telephone the NWBOC Message Center at (303) 203- 3312, and the Certification Specialist will respond to you.

  2. When out marketing, you should wear your name badge on the right side of your jacket - this makes it easier for your target to both shake your hand and read your name at the same time.

  3. Strengthen your presentation skills by making your presentation short and by sticking to one idea.

  4. Don’t go to a marketing event with the goal of collecting everyone’s business card - focus on one or two contacts and follow up after the event.

  5. Don’t be shy - ask someone directly what kind of business they are looking for and how you can help them to get it.

  6. Carry a supply of other people's business cards with you as well. Why? Because other people's business cards can serve as the entree to making that contact and letting people know you.

  7. Writing articles on topics related to your business expertise is an excellent business promotion technique.

  8. Spend some of your online time on business promotion.  Posting messages in forums is a great way to make your business known to people you would otherwise be unable to contact.  Promote online by showing others that you're a knowledgeable, personable individual.

  9. Promote your business by giving a seminar or presentation.  You have expertise that other people are interested in! (You couldn't be in business if you didn't.) Why not share that expertise and promote your business at the same time?

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